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Interview with Minor Inc- What's the most popular instrument?

Silversnow Music School was recently interviewed by Minor Inc as below:

"Ms Tan is known for her sweet and amiable personality. She graduated with a Masters with Merit from King’s College London. Besides her other numerous performance experiences, she was given the opportunity to perform in the heart of London in various famous landmarks like Southwark Cathedral. She is a AMIS and MOE-certified music teacher. Read along to find out about her music school:

You offer a variety of music lessons in flute, guitar, piano, violin and many more. Which among these are favoured by kids the most?

Currently piano seems to be the favourite amongst parents and kids as it is easy enough even for a 4 year old to pick up. As compared to other instruments like the violin or guitar, each note is always played at the same spot whereas in violin or guitar, the same note can be played on different strings, which may be confusing to children. It also helps when a child does not need to worry about intonation in piano as compared to violin where it can take years to build up. Or if we compare the flute for instance, children at 4 years old can only start with a piccolo (higher pitched) as a flute may be too big to hold. Unlike the piano where a note can be easily attained by just pressing on a piano key, a flute beginner would have to spend a much longer time trying to make a sound on the flute. In terms of understanding music concepts for children, it is also easier to learn through the piano as the keys start from low to high (left to right). This is why most parents usually send their children for piano lessons at Silversnow Music School.

• Would you like to tell us about your teaching staff and the methods they use to teach?

Our pedagogy emphasises a lot on customising lessons to students’ needs, as we understand that everyone subscribes to different learning styles. For instance, for students who are taking the graded exams, we would ensure that both their music techniques and music theory foundation are strong before we advance their level. For those who are learning for leisure, we turn lessons towards a more interactive and fun approach, and allow them to customise their lessons by selecting pieces they want to learn.

• What are the few things that one must keep in mind when buying a musical instrument?

We generally recommend students to buy instruments for beginners and not immediately invest in an expensive and better instrument right at the start. This is because most students who are just trying out a new instrument would not know if they would want to learn it long term or switch to another instrument along the way. For students learning piano, we usually recommend digital pianos for prices as low as $1k (as we provide discounts for our own students) and this is much more price friendlyas compared to acoustic pianos, which could easily cost more than $4k. As for other instruments like the violin, we also only recommend and sell reputable brands like Eurostring, a European brand, at affordable prices (a beginner or intermediate violin is only $100-200).

For advanced students or for those who are certain that they are ready to invest in a better instrument, they can then upgrade from digital to acoustic pianos or better quality violins. Silversnow Music School would typically recommend our instruments to students based on their budget and what type of tone quality they are looking for.

• Would you like to share your thoughts about Minor Inc.?

Minor Inc is a very good platform for parents and teenagers who are searching for classes but do not know where to start. The app or website is easy to navigate, which makes searching for the right classes so much more convenient. Minor Inc has also simplified scheduling of classes for busy people to make it more efficient and hassle free.

As you become busier with school or work, you tend to give up our hobbies or passion. However at Silversnow Music School, parents and students do not have to worry about their hectic schedule as they allow changes to the classes. With attractive rates, students are ensured of affordable quality music lessons in a MOE certified school and at their own convenience."

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Hope you have enjoyed this month's read!

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