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Teacher Kee


I am an instructor and I enjoy playing the guitar- both practicing for classes and for my own enjoyment. I first took up guitar when I was in my 20s, and it was because I liked that such a simple instrument could produce such a vibrant tone. I played for my own enjoyment but started taking it more seriously in my later years. I have always wanted to teach but never had the time to get the qualifications I needed. I decided to commit to becoming an instructor as I realised that it was fulfilling. I would like to teach my students that learning guitar is not just about being able to wield an instrument and to list it as one of your capabilities, but to enjoy the art of playing and creating music. I hope that my students would gain a passion towards music after my lessons.

Music Qualifications:

-Trinity Acoustic Guitar Grade 8

-ABRSM Theory of Music Grade 5

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