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Parent's/Aunt's Name: Melody
Piano Students' Name: Wenxuan & Michela, Ages 4 & 6

"The studio is cosy and condusive. Ms Tan is very patient and friendly. Both my children are very fond of her. Reasonably priced and conveniently located."

Parent's Name: Kanak

Piano Student's Name: Vatsal, Age 6

"My son, Vatsal is very happy to learn piano from teacher Zaneta. She is very friendly and keeps him interested in the class all the time. He is learning fast and we would like to thank Miss Zaneta for that. Also the Silversnow Music School is conveniently located for us. The classrooms are big enough for the parents to accommodate in it too, which I really appreciate because we have heard the other schools have quite squishy classrooms. Overall we all like this music school."

Piano Student's Name: Cazra Gaznavi, Age 14

"The school is suitable for learning because there are not too many lessons going on at once. This makes it easier for me to focus. It also has a flexible schedule. There are many make-up lessons for when I can't make it. Teacher Chermine is very friendly and patient and this makes it easier to learn."

Parent's Name: Stephanie

Piano Students' Name: Octavius & Avril Sim, Age 4 & 5

"Glad to join Silversnow Music for my children's piano classes. The school's environment is cosy and a nice waiting area is provided. It's a sweet gesture as there are no waiting area/cafes available in the mall. Ms Tan is very friendly and patient towards my 4 & 5 year old. Thus, the children are always looking forward to piano classes. While the lessons are usually fun-loving, Ms Tan would not overlook on what the lessons have to cover on, and would feedback to me on their pace/improvements timely. I would definitely recommend friends/relatives here for music lessons."

Ukulele Student's Name: Alyssa Tham, Age 14

"The school environment is cosy. It also has a flexible schedule and availability of time slots. Teacher Edward was friendly and easy to engage. Location is not really convenient to travel here. But I enjoyed playing the instrument even it was the first time."

Piano Student's Name: Anton Teo, Age 13

"I enjoy coming to Silversnow Music School for piano lessons very much. The learning environment is very comfortable and nice, and my piano teacher makes the lesson interesting and fun. :)"

Piano Student's Name: Kayshen, Age 11

"The school environment is comfortable, and it's fun to learn piano from this school! The teacher (Ms Gresilda), I find that she is friendly and understanding when I don't know the notes to some song! It's also convenient to travel to Silversnow (in Roxy) cos' like it's a 5 minute drive from my house. I thoroughly enjoy learning piano here!"

Parent's Name: Shenice

Piano Student's Name: Xanthus, Age 4

"Location is convenient to travel here and school is cosy for children. Pricing is reasonable and timing is flexible so make up lesson is make easy. Teacher Tammy is friendly to my son and knows what is his weakness so that he can practise/revise at home. My son looks forward to his piano lesson every week."

Parent's Name: Candice

Piano Student's Name: Pei Ni, Age 5

"Ms Tan is patient and friendly with kids. She conducts the class in a fun way without compromising on standards. Ms Tan also provides timely feedback to parents on their child's progress. My girl enjoys coming to piano class and we are happy with her progress so far. I like Ms Tan's class a she teaches music as a life skill rather than another examination course."

Parent's Name: Grace

Piano Student's Name: Gemma, Age 8

"Teachers are highly accommodative to change in time and make-up lessons. Gem enjoys the selection of music and patience of the teachers. It will be good that a 3-4 monthly progress report is shared so that we know the required/expected standard for Gem."

Parent's Name: Deborah 

Piano Student's Name: Isabel, Age 6


"I came across this school as I was searching for a school in this area. Although it is a relatively new school, I liked the fact that its cosy and Ms Gresilda was very helpful and friendly in addressing my questions. I wanted my kids to learn and appreciate music and have fun learning it, and I think Teacher Gresilda and Teacher Tammy have been able to do just that. They are firm yet friendly and encourage the kids to freely express themselves and the kids always look forward to their lessons. Location wise, it is also very convenient as there are buses to the doorstep."

Parent's Name: Tan Yen Peng

Piano Student's Name: Jia Singhania, Age 7

"The school is a nice, cosy environment. Gresilda is a very patient and encouraging teacher. My daughter loves her teaching and loves attending her lessons. I strongly recommend Gresilda to any parent who is looking for a good piano teacher."

Parent's Name: Chee Sher Lin 

Piano Student's Name: Travis Chua Wen Jun, Age 10


"Travis had a great time for every lessons with Teacher Tammy. He enjoys learning 1 to 1 with Teacher Tammy. The school has a very cosy atmosphere. The fees are reasonable and plays a huge factor as I may engage my 2 other kids into piano classes. The location is very convenient and near to other amenities where I can run errands when Travis is in class."

Piano Student's Name: Jorja Hernandez, Age 7

"I really like to play the piano and I really like this music school!"

Parent's Name: Jessica Smith

Piano Student's Name: Murray Smith, Age 4


"The environment of the school is cosy, comfortable and definitely condusive for Murray. He enjoys and looks forward to every music lesson with Teacher Tammy, who is a lovely, patient and knowledgeable teacher. The timings of lessons are flexible and both the Administration and Teacher Tammy will always try to match our time slots which we don't see this with other schools. We are really delighted and pleased to have send Murray to Silversnow Music School for his embarkation to music."

Piano Student's Name: Ethan Teo, Age 11

"I enjoy going to Silversnow Music School for lessons. The piano seat is very comfortable and the environment is nice, and my teacher makes the lesson enjoyable."

Parent's Name: Fion

Piano Student's Name: Zhi Han, Age 6

"The school environment is cosy, teacher Zaneta was friendly and very kind. My daughter like her and she is also very patient with children. As my daughter is very naughty. Location is convenient too. And I hope she (my daughter) can learn well in the piano class as well. Thanks!"

Piano Student's Name: Kaylin, Age 7

"The school environment is cosy. I look forward to lessons. The teacher is friendly. :)"

Parent's Name: Judy

Piano Student's Name: Josephine, Age 8

"A small intimate studio but welcoming reception and teachers. My daughter quickly bonded with Teacher Chermine. Some flexibility to do make-up classes which other studios sometimes don't offer. Handy location for parking."

Parent's Name: Gudrun Spielberger

Guitar Student's Name: Finja Spielberger, Age 10

"The environment is practical and suitable for the purpose. My daughter likes coming here. The pricing is the best ratio for the quality of teaching. Staff is super friendly, flexible. Make up lessons never a problem. Finja loves Teacher Esther. She has a great sensibility to connect to the student. Finja is always happy to come here. Location is perfect 3 mins walk from Beauty World MRT. Car park also available. Grateful to having found this music school! Do recommend it to all my friends."

Parent's Name: Kelly Awyong

Piano Student's Name: Adela Ng, Age 4

"Teacher Janelle has been great with Adela. Her interest in piano is rekindled after a long break. Lessons are conducted according to student's progress so there is no pressure and interest can be sustained."

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