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Our 1st Company Performance by Ms Tan for Singyouth Hub

We were very honoured to be invited by Singyouth Hub to be their opening performance for their 5th Annual Volunteer Appreciation Party, with Senior Minister of State as the Guest of Honour. Ms Tan sang a well received cover of Like I'm Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor. ​ Silversnow Music School was also one of the official sponsors for the event. It was a very fruitful evening.

What happens to your brain when you play music?

Watch this interesting video from Ted-ed to learn how playing music benefits the brain! In summary, music not only improves your motor, auditory and visual skills, but develops your discipline, thus furthering enhancing these three skills. After which, the enhancement of these skills can be applied to any other activity that you engage in, which makes learning much more effective. This is why we have seen many studies on how students who play classical music do much better academically than their peers in school. Of course, many have also wondered if this could be a chicken and egg situation where students who were naturally smarter tended to play classical music more, but neuroscientists ha




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