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How to choose where/who to learn music from?

How to choose which music school to learn from?

The days when parents used to restrict their children from seeking an interest in ‘academically insignificant’ extracurricular activities are long gone. However, as time has progressed, the thought process has developed and people whom previously considered music as an unlikely choice for academic purposes have changed their point of view. All children are unique and it is clear that in order to aid the development of any student by using music as a hobby for fine tuning their oral or instrumental skills are essential. It is possible to be unaware of your child’s innate fondness for music. But once you have identified the passion, the next step is to hand your child over to private music schools to help them learn music more proficiently. However with such a wide range of private music schools now, to choose the best one you have to consider the following factors:

Look for a music school run by people with a passion for music- Attend trial classes:

Before applying for admission, it is recommended that one should meet the management and teachers of the private music school. At times, schools mislead parents by empty promises, thus it is advisable that you should double-check by visiting the premises and meeting the music teachers. The private music school management should have a positive and encouraging attitude to help the student reach his/her full potential. Another important subject in this regard is how the classes will be conducted and whether your child is comfortable during the lesson. A good way to find out is to attend a trial lesson with your child.

A convenient location is not always a plus:

As of late, there are many businesses under the guise of music classes or piano lessons in residential areas that attract the crowd because of their fee structure. They tend to appeal to the local citizen in two ways, one being convenience in location and the other charging a low fee. Would you send your child to an incompetent teacher for $30/per hour instead of sending them to a better teacher at a private music school which may charge more? Would you want to save some bucks at the cost of your child’s learning?

Choose a teacher who suits your learning style and a conducive environment:

Music schools are not like conventional educational institutions where the motive is to get a degree. In music schools, the goal is to learn; in this regard, even paying extremely high fees for highly sought after teachers won’t guarantee you anything unless the student is willing to learn from the teacher. Therefore choose a teacher or music school that suits your learning style and an environment that is conducive for your learning.


Learning is always advantageous, no matter the subject or field. As far as musical learning and schools are concerned, there is a saying that what you would get out of them is based on how much effort you put in the learning process, which could be learning music correctly with an understanding about the true essence of the it. Thus, try out a few trial sessions at different schools at the start and then choose a school or teacher who you are confident that can can help you to do so.

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