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Teacher Cherng Hao


Teacher Cherng Hao started playing the piano at a young age of 4. He was part of the NTU Piano Ensemble and had the privilege to perform for his school concerts all year round. He enjoys learning and performing classical as well as anime pieces. His strong desire to spread his love for music to everyone, made him volunteer as peer coach back in University, imparting basic piano-playing skills to his fellow school mates and sharing his love for music with them. 


Apart from playing the piano, Teacher Cherng Hao is also a saxophone enthusiast. At the age of 13, he joined the Saint Joseph’s Institution Military Band. He was appointed the Saxophone Section Leader in Sec 3, where the band achieved a Gold with Honours Award for SYF that year. His passion to make great music together with his band mates was also key in him becoming the Student Conductor in Yishun Junior College Symphonic Band. After completing his National Service, Teacher Cherng Hao continued his musical journey with NTU Symphonic Band as a section leader, bringing the Saxophone Section to greater heights as the band together achieved a Silver Award in the SIBF 2016 (Open Category). 


Teacher Cherng Hao’s patient and friendly disposition makes it a breeze for him to break the ice with students; both young and old. He aims to spread his love and knowledge for music far and wide, hoping to influence more people in the world to not only enjoy music, but also create, and be a part of the music that comes to life.



ABRSM Piano Grade 8

ABRSM Theory Grade 8

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