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Teacher Kelly

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Playing the piano since the age of 4, Teacher Kelly is a passionate musician formerly from the 6-year Music Elective Programme (MEP) in Dunman High School. After achieving Grade 8 Piano at the age of 12, she enrolled in the MEP to further her passion in music. Through the MEP, she has acquired rich knowledge in a multitude of genres from Classical to Jazz, in the areas of performance, composition and listening. Having topped her cohort in Music, she was awarded “1st in Standard in H2 Music” in junior college (JC) and “Best in Higher Music (MEP)” in secondary school. As a recipient of the Music Elective Scholarship (MES) in JC, she not only excelled in Music at the GCE A-Level, but also performed widely in school and public concerts, such as the “Y6 Farewell Concert” held at the National Library in 2023, as part of the All Things Singapore (AT SG) 2023. To spread the joy of music, she has organised numerous performances and music workshops, imparting her music knowledge to others in her community. In 2023, she planned and facilitated a music workshop at Woodlands Regional Library to teach participants of all ages how to create music using Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) such as BandLab. 


Teacher Kelly also picked up the violin at the age of 4, and the viola subsequently at the age of 13. As a violist and former Chairperson of the Dunman High School String Ensemble, she represented the school in numerous competitions and performances, such as the Singapore Youth Festival in 2019 and 2021 (achieving Distinction for both), public performances at the Victoria Concert Hall, as well as community performances at Alexandra Hospital and Marine Parade CC. 


As a well-rounded musician from the MEP, Teacher Kelly is able to provide valuable and holistic mentorship for students who are keen to join or are enrolled in the MEP. Additionally, she is equipped with the relevant knowledge and experience to prepare her students for the ABRSM grade examinations. Most importantly, she hopes to instil a passion for music in her students. 



  • ABRSM Grade 8 Piano, Distinction 

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Theory

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Viola 

  • ABRSM Grade 4 Violin 

  • GCE A-Level H2 Music, Distinction 

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