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Teacher Esther

Teacher Esther got involved in the Chinese traditional music from a very young age. She started out playing in the school’s Chinese Orchestra and later on joined the community club’s orchestra as a Ruan and percussion player. She soon developed interest in western music too, and decided to major in the electric and acoustic guitar.


She graduated with a Diploma in Sonic Arts and is well-versed in recording arts and teaching music. After graduation, she headed to Taiwan for further instruction on music performances and knowledge. As a performing artist, she commits to playing in her own indie-pop band and also as session musician for other artists and has performed for various events/gigs in Singapore and Taiwan.


Teacher Esther is experienced in teaching at various government schools and music schools, she is patient and strongly believes in her student’s capability to play and appreciate music. Teaching is her passion and she enjoys the time spent with each student to find out more about their personalities and potential.

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