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Teacher Mariya

Lasalle Dip Music - 022 Mariya Aiza Bint

Ms Mariya's passion in music started at the age of 5 from her classical piano lessons. Her music passion then further spurred her to join the school choir in primary and secondary school where she was elected as President. After secondary school, she made the choice to formally study music and thus went on to LASALLE College of the Arts to complete her Diploma in Music.


As a singer-songwriter today, she enjoys experimenting with different genres like RnB, hip hop, funk, jazz to widen her versatility. She hopes that her vocal students would learn through exploration to find their best voice. She also always makes time with her piano despite her hectic schedule and hopes to inspire her piano students to hone their craft. Lessons with Ms Mariya never fail to be enjoyable with her cheerful and pleasant disposition.

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