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Learning as an adult

Piano Student's Name: Faizah, Age 23

"Knowing that I am able to play the piano without taking former lessons previously, Miss Zaneta taught me the importance of the foundation of music theory and practical skills before going on to the next level. She have good fingering habits and to also use the right fingers when playing.

She compliments me when I play correctly and encourages me when it's difficult to coordinate. She is also very knowledgeable and is patient with me.

Silversnow Music School has spacious rooms that are conducive and are equipped with pianos that are well maintained. The school can be easily located and it is accessible as there are a lot of bus services within the vicinity. Staff are also very friendly, polite and they provide excellent customer service."

Piano Student's Name: Ng See Ngee, Age 29

"The teacher is very friendly and patient towards the student. Even though I have no music background at all, she is very understanding and encourages me. She will use her method of teaching to help me with the rhythm and flow of the music piece so that I can play the song smoothly. The music studio is also cosy and condusive place for learning. :) Overall, I appreciate her dedicated, caring approach and continued support for her student. If I were to recommend a talented and good piano teacher, that would definitely be her! :)"

Piano Student's Name: Bryce Chew, Age 20

"The classroom is small & cosy, but not entirely sound proof. As a student, the fees might be a little pricey for 45 minutes, but the lesson was worth it & the customer service is efficient & intelligent. Teacher Vanessa is patient, knowledgeable & funny which makes her a suitable mentor for beginners. I have a direct bus from Paya Lebar which take 20 minutes to get here. Overall, the most important thing is that I am progressing at a good pace and I am satisfied with the staff & environment!"

Piano Student's Name: Sarah, Age 31

"Teacher Tammy is a very patient teacher, friendly and makes me look forward to class. The school environment is cosy and condusive. Appreciate that the school is flexible and great for working adults, pricing is reasonable and location is good as well." 

Piano Student's Name: Nichole Milne, Age 30

"Very easy going and enjoyable lessons. I received lots of positive encouragement despite being an adult beginner. I really recommend Silversnow for anyone looking to get into or back into Piano!"

Piano Student's Name: Shron, Age 29

"I’ve attended 6 lessons thus far and I’ve enjoyed every single one. The teacher is understanding and patient and is able to individualize her teaching approach to suit my pace of learning. Staff are professional as well."

Piano Student's Name: Rebecca Aalbers, Age 24

"When I moved to Singapore, I decided to finally follow one of my childhood dreams: Learn how to play the piano! I searched online for a qualified school and that's how I got in contact with Gresilda. She is an enthusiastic, and a very well educated teacher, and I am super happy how she personalizes the classes to my needs/requests. Can't wait to give my first mini- concert to my family! :)"

Piano Student's Name: Nur Raudah Bte Ruzli, Age 18

"Teacher Vanessa is very kind, patient and understanding. She is also very friendly making it comfortable to learn with her. The time slots of the school is also very flexible and the pricing is affordable too."

Piano Student's Name: Nick Dale, Age 36

"Silversnow is a very well run, friendly and relaxed music school. Gresilda has helped develop my music knowledge and piano skills in a supportive and patient manner and I always look forward to lessons with her. I would thoroughly recommend Silversnow as a music school for students of all levels and ages."

Violin Student's Name: Vimonwan Bunpokwong, Age 22

"The school environment is very much quiet and exclusive so it was very easy for me to focus on the lesson. Also, I really appreciate the understanding and kindness of teacher and staffs. It was very much flexible with the schedule and make-up class to be arranged with the teacher it needed. Teacher Vicky is always kindly tailored the lesson to my need and point out things for me to work on! Really appreciate it."

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