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How to Ignite and Sustain Your Child’s Interest In Music

Whether you’ve been able to help your kid start music early by getting them an instrument, pay for music lessons or you’ve set up a mini studio for them, it will get to point they won’t feel like practicing. The truth is that as a parent, you’re doing the right thing for your kids. There are numerous benefits to introducing music to kids early in life.

Music education helps to boost creativity, instil discipline, creates an aura of confidence and makes children expressive. This is why you need to do everything possible to keep the fire of music burning in your children. Achieving this is difficult but it can be made easier with the following tips:

1. Listen to Music More Than Before

This is like showing them the way it’s done. From birth, children have a bias for tunes and music. You need to take advantage of that if you notice a form of disinterest in music. Interestingly, many new mums tend to listen to classical music before their children are born, even when they did not have the habit of listening prior to becoming mums.

2. Sing and Play Instruments With Your Kids

You can’t get it wrong with this approach. Children do not care; they just want to sing along with their parents. If you play an instrument, play along as they sing, or sing along as they play. Children tend to mimic the actions or even interests of people closest to them, and thus parents play a very pivotal role in sustaining their kids' musical interest.

3. Take Them to Live Music Shows

The beauty of music is best experienced in a live musical show. Look forward to concerts, festivals, and other musical shows, attend with your children. Seeing the excitement in the crowd may bring about the same excitement in them. They may fall in love with music unconsciously and even be inspired!

4. Learn Music Pieces that Interest them

Children often get bored of doing things that they are uninterested in and most of them do not have the discipline to practise their instrument. However, this can be changed if pieces they are interested in are incorporated into their practice. Parents may also let their music teachers know what pieces they like before they start music lessons.

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