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Bora X 2
88 keys Midi keyboard


Portable - Full charge it and bring it anywhere to play for 8 hours.

Compatible with various arranger software.

Touch Sensitive.

Package includes:
1. Keyboard
2. Single Cross Stand

3. Power adapter

4. Sustain Pedal

5. Custom Piano Bag

6. Mini Bench

7. Manual


Comes with 1 year warranty and free delivery.

MIDI Keyboard BX 2

  • Product Features: 128 Tones & Rhythms, 15 demos, Recording, Drum Kit, Transpose, Metronome

    Product Function: Midi, Bluetooth, Sustain Mode

    Connection: Support Silent Playing

    Product Size: 127cm X 22cm X 7cm

    Dual Speaker

    Material: ABS, Alluminium Alloy

    Power Supply: DC 5V, 1750mAh lithium battery

    Weight: 7.5kg

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