Teacher Christopher


Teacher Christopher achieved an ATCL Diploma in Violin and Abrsm Grade 8 just a year apart. He is an experienced teacher having taught in childcare centres and privately. Not like most kids where they started violin at about 4-7, he picked up the violin at about 8. Thereafter, he than progressively took graded examinations from age 14 to 21. His teachings emphasizes on on-the-spot techniques through studies & scales and how to apply them to any pieces. As for the musical genre, he teaches "Classical music" violin mainly. Also, as for a learning experience 'if' necessary, requests from students and/or teacher’s suggestion from interest of korean pop, celtic, country etc. and "contemporary" musical pieces, etc. may be learnt along the way.


His teaching methodology is illustrated from him as below:


The coaching style of violin playing that I apply mostly is 'playing by ear' (also known as 'Suzuki method') in an environment that foster music interpretation, recognition and music sight-reading; all in all to ace for any music exam boards necessary/as requested. I do have my own music compositions, and violin playing techniques and studies 'scales' (customise 'skills' for students playing), where I use in conjunction with the coaching methods on a continual improvement progression. Elaborating on one of my many teaching methods, is an easy and simple way to get students understanding music interpretation 'fast' and playing violin joyfully.


As for the younger ones aged 4-6 years old (case by case), a different set of music-note reading (easier to comprehend) is used just so they can focus more on playing posture and technique. This is to prepare them whenever they are ready into persusing their violin performance (note sight-reading, etc.) when they grow up.