Series : Voiceworks

Voiceworks 1 is a magnificent resource for promoting good singing in schools and choir.


  • Lively and simple ideas for Key Stage 3 (Scottish levels D and E)
  • Ideal for youth choirs, school groups, country youth choirs, and choral groups of all ages and experience
  • 60 songs, from simple unison to four-part harmony
  • Vast range of repertoire and styles from around the world
  • Songs for warm ups, rehearsal use, and concert repertoire
  • Most songs unaccompanied, or with simple accompaniments for keyboard or guitar
  • A complete lesson or rehearsal plan for each song
  • Vocal warm ups and general advice included
  • Double CD contains performances plus support material
  • Photocopiable pages

"Brilliant! At last. Thanks. Voiceworks is a superb resource for leaders for choral groups at all levels. Manna from Heaven." - Music Teacher

"An excellent resource for anyone involved with young people's singing." - The Singer


Table Of Contents

  • Abeeyo 
  • Adio mama 
  • Allunde 
  • Amazing grace 
  • Amen siakudumisa 
  • Away in a manger 
  • Azikatale 
  • Baby one 
  • Certainly, Lord 
  • Chan mali chan 
  • Da doo ron ron 
  • Didn't my Lord deliver Danuel? 
  • Doubletalk 
  • Drumkit 
  • Drunken sailor 
  • Echo 
  • Elijah rock 
  • Father, father goodbye 
  • Gaudete! 
  • Glowing candle light 
  • Good news! 
  • Green trees, rocky road 
  • Halle halle, halle 
  • Hear the wind 
  • Hepa hepa nay nay 
  • Hey ungua 
  • Hill an' gully rider 
  • I'll fly away 
  • In the bleak midwinter 
  • John Kanaka 
  • Kye kye kule 
  • Late a come
  • Leaving of Liverpool 
  • Long and short - loud and quiet 
  • My Bonny 
  • My hat it has three corners 
  • Oh, won't you sit down? 
  • Old Molly Hare 
  • Oo a lay lay 
  • Over my head 
  • Pachelbel 
  • Sailing
  • Saints go marching in
  • Shto mi e milo
  • Silent night
  • Siyahamba
  • Song of farewell
  • Stand by me
  • Steal away
  • Step harmony
  • Summer holiday
  • Swing low, sweet chariot
  • The factory girl
  • This old hammer
  • Three native American chants
  • Train rhythms
  • Vocal graphics
  • Wade in the water
  • Water come a me eye


Pages: 208
Size(mm): 304.8mm x 393.7mm
Publisher: OUP

Voiceworks 1: A Handbook for Singing





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