Primary composer/editor/arranger : Janet Mills 


·         Suitable for instrumental and vocal teachers, wherever they teach

·         Encourages teachers to reflect on and improve their work

·         Draws on research and examples drawn from current practice

·         Stimulating, challenging, and engaging

·         Focuses on learning by young people, but is relevant to students at any age or level

·         Centres on the teaching of classical instruments, but ranges more freely

What are instrumental lessons for? And why do so many students want to 'give up' when they have only just begun? These are just some of the questions examined in this thought-provoking and entertaining book, which draws on research and on the author's wealth of experience to encourage teachers to build upon the strengths of current practice. Instrumental Teaching is for both those who have been teaching for many years and those who are starting out. It focuses on learning by young people but also ranges more widely, and it relates to all teachers, wherever they teach. Janet Mills asks probing questions such as 'why teach?' - and 'why learn?' - and provides practical advice on subjects including 'the first lesson'. She addresses the thorny issue of practice, and explores myths such as the notion that some instruments require particular physical or personal attributes. This book will challenge and inspire anyone who is, or is thinking of becoming, an instrumental teacher.

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Table Of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Why teach an instrument?
  • Instrumental teachers
  • Why take instrumental lessons?
  • What instrument?
  • Instrumental lessons, music, and life
  • The first lesson
  • Planning a programme of lessons
  • Practice makes perfect?
  • Some myths of instrumental learning and teaching
  • So, why teach an instrument?
  • Appendix 1 - Nuts and bolts: frequently asked questions
  • Appendix 2 - How not to teach musically
  • Index


Pages: 240
Size(mm): 304.8mm x 393.7mm
Publisher: OUP

Instrumental Teaching





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