Subtitle : Helpful Templates For Scales Grade1-8
Primary composer/editor/arranger : Jenny Soh 


Are you tired of learning or teaching piano scales?


These scale templates are helpful for piano students who have difficulty in reading the notes and both hands coordination. For students who are taking piano exams, the templates can help them memrize the fingerings of every scale from Grade 1 to 8 quickly without reading notes. All major, harmonic and melodic minor scales are included in each set of scale templates.


They will also discover which scales have the same fingerings and hence memorize less fingering. The template are printed in 3 octaves with fingerings for both hands together and can also be used for practicing both hands in similar and contrary motion or scales of 3rd and 6th apart.


"It’s a global issue that music student have problem with memorizing piano scales. The memorizing part is compulsory for every graded piano practical exam, and the higher grade they went, the more scales have to memorize.


In order to help my students to get rid of this nightmare, I’d search for all the possible way to improve my teaching. I have tried the traditional way of teaching, for example: slow practice, fix the fingering while practicing, also memorize the Circle of Fifth and mnemonics. But all these method only works on some of the student, as every individual have different level of understanding.


Until I found this scales templates!  It helps my Grade 1 to Grade 8 students to memorize the fingerings of every scale easily without reading the notes from the score. Works on all major key, harmonic and melodic minor scales!


The Scale Templates are printed in 3 octaves with fingerings for both hands together. It can be use for practicing hands separately, hands together, in similar motion, contrary motion, staccato, legato, scales of 3rd apart or 6th apart! This is truly a GOOD NEWS for me and my student who love this new approach, memorizing scales have never been this FUN!"




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