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Teacher Eunice


Eunice has been a piano accompanist for the last 30 years - church choirs, ABRSM violin and vocal exams, MEP exams, annual music school concerts and musical projects.


She sang and clinched awards at children singing competitions since 5 years old. She picked up the Cornet and Trumpet at 9 years old, went on to Crescent Girls’ School Symphonic Band securing Gold Medals at both the Central Band judging competitions she participated in. She started learning the piano at 11; played for church worship services on the piano since 16, and on the organ at 17 years old.


She sings with the Singapore Symphony Chorus (since 1998) under choral masters Lim Yau, Bart Folse, and Eudenice Palaruan; and the Symphonia Choralis (since 2019) under Chong Wai Lun.


With 8 years of pre-school teaching experience and a certified language teacher to adults, she shares her passion for music effectively both to the young and old. She hopes to impart to them, apart from techniques, that the heart matters too!




ABRSM Piano Grade 8

ABRSM Theory Grade 8 (Hedy King Robinson Award)

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