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Teacher Adeline


Adeline enjoys many music genres and has a particular fondness for folk traditions. 


She began learning the piano at 7 and completed the ABRSM grade 8 when she was 14 years old. She also spent 10 blissful years singing as an alto in school and national choirs, and later sang in an acapella group at university. Like many young piano players, she was initially delighted to take a long break from piano classes, but eventually surprised herself by discovering an increasing fledging love for the instrument as a form of self-expression and catharsis. Returning to the classical piano over a decade later, Adeline is now working towards the ATCL diploma and has never felt more fulfilled playing. In her free time, she enjoys creating short atmospheric piano pieces, dabbling in the low whistle and guitar, and exploring movement and dance, and is walking on the exciting path towards becoming an expressive arts therapist. Her dream is to help facilitate others to experience the magic of music… in a way that truly resonates with who they are – unique individuals each with their own special likings and quirks.  


Music Qualifications: ABRSM Grade 8 Piano and Theory

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